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Aquiles Delle VIGNE, Professor/Universität Mozarteum in Salz

Born in Argentina, Aquiles Delle Vigne gave his first recital at the age of 8. A disciple of Claudio Arrau and recipient of the prestigious Grand Prix "Albert Williams", he completed his training in Europe with Prof. Eduardo del Pueyo and Georges Cziffra.

Aquiles Delle Vigne has given piano recitals and concerts in important festivals and halls all over the world. Some of the most notable collaborations are Salzburg Festival, Beethoven Festival, Euro Festival, the batons of Lord Yehudi Menuhin, Leopold Hager, Georges Octors, Alberto Lysy and Lee Dong Ho.

As an oustanding artist, Aquiles Delle Vigne has been invited as a jury member to numerous competitions in Sydney, Pretoria, Cincinatti, Turin, Paris, etc. Considered also as a top teacher in the world, Aquiles Delle Vigne gives masterclasses at the International Sommerakademie Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg, and is regularly invited to prestigious conservatories around the globe.

His vast discography with EMI His Master's Voice, BASF Harmonia Mundi, BMG-RCA Victor, Naxos, Pavane and EMS received outstanding praise and distinction. Performing the Preludes by Olivier Messiaen for the Pope John Paul II at the Vatican had earned him tremendous praise from the composer.

Aquiles Delle Vigne出生於阿根廷,8歲時已舉行首場獨奏音樂會。他是大師Claudio Arrau的弟子,也是著名的「Albert Williams」大賽的優勝者。及後他在歐洲接受了Eduardo del Pueyo教授和Georges Cziffra教授的指導。

Aquiles Delle Vigne的演奏遍佈世界各地的重要音樂節及音樂廳。當中一些最觸目的例子包括於薩爾茨堡音樂節 、貝多芬音樂節、歐洲音樂節中演奏,與梅紐因爵士(Lord Yehudi Menuhin)、Leopold Hager、Georges Octors、Alberto Lysy及Dong-ho Lee指揮合作。

作為一名傑出的藝術家,Aquiles Delle Vigne更獲邀請擔任悉尼、比勒陀利亞、辛辛那提、都靈、巴黎等地眾多大賽的評委會成員。Aquiles Delle Vigne同時亦被認為是世界頂級教師,在薩爾茨堡的莫扎特大學(UniversitätMozarteum)教導後輩,亦經常被邀請到世界各地著名的音樂學院舉辦大師班。

Aquiles Delle Vigne與EMI HMVoice、BASF Harmonia Mundi、BMG-RCA Victor、Naxos、Pavane及EMS合作推出的唱片均獲得極高的聲譽。 他為教宗約翰保羅二世表演梅湘的前奏曲,亦獲得作曲家親自讚賞。